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Military Camping Cutlery KFS Comparison Video Review

Our latest video review is on the Knife, Fork, Spoon sets available at Army Surplus 365. We check out the different ones available and demonstrate things like, weight, strength and functionality. The products shown in the video are available in store or to buy through the website. We hope this video helps you to decide which KFS set is best for you. So sit back and enjoy the video!

Video Transcription
Hi. This is Bones at Army Surplus 365 and today I am going to talk to you about something we don't often think about, cutlery, the humble knife, fork and spoon or KFS's people call them. We will start off with the simplest and my favorite standard knife, fork and spoon set, clips together with a couple of pins on the spoon there. Very, very lightweight, very neat, very easy to clean which I think is important.They are very, very flexible. You can bend them quite easily, but then if they were any thicker they wouldn't be as light as they are. These come in at 60 to 70 grams and they cut together very neatly and very easily and one of the reasons I like these is because when I get them out my bag. If I am covered in fishing bate or something horrible, I can get them out and open them out without actually touching any of the bits I am going to be eating from which suits me and a very easy and like I said very, very lightweight just 60 grams those.The next one is these come in at twice the weight. This is a 150 grams and this is the NATO Spec. Now, these knife, fork and spoon very, very tough, barely bend those and these three go into this holder which also has bottle opener on it or a can opener. Very tough good if weight is not necessarily consideration, but very easy cling, but so like I said weight— a little bit weightier and a little bit more awkward and that is also very sharp, if that comes out in our bag, that is very, very sharp.So it could go through under the bag or your rucksack or something but it depends how you pack it. Certainly the sturdiest set of the lot and that is the NATO Spec cutlery set. The next one we have is the folding set. It comes in a little bag. We have three of that pretty studded stuff, a folding knife, fork and spoon. Weight wise, not too bad say about 100 grams maybe I guess I like the ease. I don't know how long. I don't know how easy that be to cling and anything with a folding part or a moving part could be a little awkward if food gets in there.You got things, little gaps that food could get into. I bet some people like the idea of folding cutlery. They do fold down quite neat and they store away. Some people like that one that is the folding set and then we have this which is the European military cutlery set. Again, it comes in a pouch and this is rather clever.

What you have here is a locking knife there which is pretty good and can be used as a general purpose knife as well as an eating knife and then we have got the fork and the spoon which are very, very sturdy.Again, stainless steel, it also has some small tools in the handles, which I think is a very good idea. You have also got on this one can opener or bottle opener and a cork screw, strangely at how many bottles of wine you get from the military but there you go. I am not sure how good that one is but only time will tell, but it is there for use. We like this. When we think this one is very versatile and very neat and I have not tried it in practice, but we like the design and it is very well put together.Weight wise again that is probably about 150 grams again, but some people would like that all in one. So there we have it the military folding NATO Spec and standard. For my money I would go for the standard purely because it is the lightest. It is the most versatile I think, the most simple and certainly the easiest to clean as well. So there you go four different types of cutlery available here at Army Surplus 365.
To view the products shown in the video visit the following link: http://www.army-surplus.org.uk/


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